Hola a tod@s! Aquí os dejo mi nueva canción, en inglés, que va bien para los tiempos que corren, cuando hay que mantener la fe!

There is always light at the end of the tunnel
there is always something good ahead
Pour with wicked pain through the funnel
and fill your broken heart with fearless faith

Just believe

When your legs can’t hold you for much longer
when your life is just too much to bear
when the world is bearing down your shoulders
when you feel you’re running out of air

Just believe

I know that your love will keep me strong
I’m not alone, I’m not alone
I can feel the cold in my bones
but you keep me warm, your love is warm

there is always light at the end of the tunnel
all this clouds will go away one day

Written, recorded and produced by Javier Moreno Olivares, in Barcelona, March 2020